Bearings Worldwide


In this ever changing world, high technology bearings maintain an increasing place of importance. Whatever the application, RODRIGUEZ knows from 70 years of experience that the bearings you need must always meet stringent requirements to perform critical functions. RODRIGUEZ provides - on a worldwide basis - sales and product engineering capability to assist in both the selection and application of stock bearings or, if necessary, special custom designs to meet all requirements.

RODRIGUEZ people understand the bearing market from a global point of view. Our sales and technical staff keep abreast of the diverse requirements of varied industries including aerospace, production machinery, automation, oilfield and mining.

Service, first and last - you can rely on our staff of export professionals to efficiently handle your needs in the complex international market place. RODRIGUEZ utilizes its dedicated international market organization in forecasting future trends, maintaining critical information, and most specially to professionally serve your company's individual needs.

Our product knowledge combined with a sensitivity to customer needs, has encouraged numerous international distributor and OEM firms to consider RODRIGUEZ as their primary source for bearings and related products in the U.S.


Today, RODRIGUEZ has subsidiaries located in several countries around the globe. These international bearing service centers are supported by a large family of over 1,000 distributors and branches located throughout over 75 countries.

RODRIGUEZ customers may call on our engineering expertise in many areas. We offer these professional engineering capabilities through our corporate headquarters in New York through our subsidiaries and affiliates in France, Germany, Mexico and the United Kingdom and through key representatives and distributors. Consequently, RODRIGUEZ is the international marketer of choice for many important manufacturers of precision ball and roller bearings and related engineering products.

When it comes to customer service, RODRIGUEZ offers a scope of support which makes our product package uniquely complete. RODRIGUEZ'S custom designed and highly evolved computer systems gives our staff the tools necessary to assure a very high level of customer service.

Careful attention to all aspect of logistics including well engineered packaging, impeccable export documentation, available worldwide door to door delivery service, and stringent quality control further enhance customer satisfaction.


In 1929, the year RODRIGUEZ was founded, bearings were used primarily in automotive, agricultural, and heavy industrial equipment. In the ensuing decades, the bearing market has undergone dramatic change and growth. Today, RODRIGUEZ not only supplies bearings for use in the basic industries - but also for many unique applications, including advanced robots, radar, sophisticated medical equipment, satellites, and state of the art electronics and aerospace equipment.

During World War II, RODRIGUEZ served the nation in time of need and earned a government "E" award for excellence. Now RODRIGUEZ serves much of the world with no less of commitment. Our first overseas office was established in Europe in 1962. With a dedication to international cooperation and free trade, RODRIGUEZ has since expanded its global marketing organization and expertise to every continent.

With over half a century of bearing experience, companies worldwide continue to rely on RODRIGUEZ today even more than in our first seven decades.


Our most important assets are the trust and goodwill of our customers and suppliers, and the experience, know-how and dedication of our staff.

Understanding that every country, and every market, has its own very special requirements, we endeavor to exhibit prudent flexibility and sensitivity to the individual needs of our customers. That is the primary reason RODRIGUEZ can respond precisely to OEM's and distributors alike.

Everything we do at RODRIGUEZ is a well thought out process, tailored to serve our customer's requirements. For example, we maintain one of the most comprehensive bearing reference departments in the world, enabling us to provide accurate interchange for tens of thousands of OEM part numbers. This permits more timely response to inquiries. Our innovative and extensive delivery programs help our customers minimize leadtime and expenses. Where required, credit terms can be designed to meet specific customers needs in a changing economic environment.

For all these reasons and more, RODRIGUEZ continues to expand in the world market for bearings and related products. Satisfying the vital needs of our customers through responsiveness, superior product knowledge and dependability remains our highest priority.