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In the ever-changing world, high technology bearings and components maintain an increasing place of importance.

Whatever the application, RODRIGUEZ knows from almost 100 years of experience that the bearings you need must always meet stringent requirements to perform critical functions. RODRIGUEZ provides – on a worldwide basis – sales and product engineering capability to assist in both the selection and application of stock bearings or, if necessary, special custom designs to meet your requirements.

R.A.Rodriguez Inc Group Company’s

R.A.Rodriguez Inc – New York, USA
USA based Factory Authorized Export Distributor of American Made Bearings, Seals-plates, Anti-friction devices to customers worldwide.

R.A.Rodriguez ltd – Shefford, UK
UK based Factory Authorized Distributor of engineering components, including quality gears, bearings, drives and actuators to UK and European Customers. Please visit

RARUK Automation – Shefford, UK
UK based Factory Authorized Distributor of innovative automation solutions, including collaborative robots, autonomous mobile robots, automated warehouse storage solutions and flexible feeding systems. Please visit

Drive Lines Technologies Ltd – Shefford, UK
UK based Factory Authorized Distributor offering a range of mechanical power transmission components, including gear boxes, screw jack and linear motion drives. Please visit