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Expertise across a wide range of industries

Global Supplier of American Made Bearings

Our impressive track record in delivering top-tier engineering components to enterprises is well-recognized, solidifying our reputation. Over nearly 100 years, we have showcased our expertise by collaborating closely with various sectors, streamlining lead times, enhancing return on investment, and empowering our clients to secure a leading edge. Through exclusive distribution partnerships with renowned American manufacturers, we are poised to provide an array of American Made bearings, and components to global industries, including:

Aerospace: Bearings, rod-ends, seals & gaskets

RA Rodriguez UK provide engineering components used in industrial machinery

Industrial: Reali-slim, Thrust, Roller & Slewing Rings

RA Rodriguez provide engineering solutions for semiconductor industry

Semiconductor: Reali-Slim bearings

Automation/Robotics: Reali-Slim Bearings

RA Rodriguez provide engineering components for medical and healthcare industry

Medical & Healthcare: Reali-slim bearings

Mining: Thrust & Roller Bearings

RA Rodriguez UK provide heavy duty slewing rings for oil and gas industry

Oil & Gas: Bearings, Slewing Rings

Defense: Bearings, rod-ends, seals & gaskets

RA Rodriguez provide bearings for motorsport industry

Motorsport: Bearings and Rod-ends